Wood For Your Deck: Which Is The Right Choice?


The most important decision you will need to make once you have chosen to build a deck, is what type of wood is the best choice. Your final decision will need to be based on a number of factors to determine your best choice of wood. There are many types of wood to choose from, the following are the most popular or economical options- including how it suits your family right down to the baby in their infant moccs. Some of the factors to consider are the durability, purpose or use, weather and the aesthetics you are after.

If money is no object, then by all means, Redwood is the choice to make. It is popular, rot resistant and also termite resistant. If you apply a clear sealer biannually, this choice of wood will last an extended period of time for you. It is the most expensive type of wood used for decking. However, the red color does not fit well with many homes, so you want to be sure to have a section that you can place against your home to see if it looks pleasing to the eye.

Cedar is also rot resistant. If you do not apply a sealer to this type, it will turn a silver gray in color due to the weather. It is cheaper than the Redwood, by a good percentage.

Cypress is the most popular type of wood used in the Southeastern United States. It is not as strong as Redwood or Cedar, or pressure treated lumber.

Pressure treated lumber is the most cost efficient and available almost everywhere. This type of lumber can be stained or painted. Pressure treated lumber is also the strongest wood you can get. If there will be a lot of use, you would want to consider this as your choice.

There is now a type of decking that is half wood waste and half polymer material available. This too, can be stained or painted. There is no need to worry about this as it is a maintenance free material.

Building and then maintaining your new deck should not be stressful; after all you are building it to be the area that you can relax on. You want your deck pleasing to the eyes and yet durable enough to handle the use and the weather in your area. If you consider all factors, you can be free of the continuous repairs that many homeowners’ face, when they choose a wood based on the wrong factors. Considering that this will be part of your environment, you do not want your deck to deteriorate quickly, you want one that will last as long as your desire for family times and enjoyment lasts.

Choosing the right type of wood will give you and your family years of beauty, use and enjoyment, let the pros rent rolloff dumpsters charlotte to help you get rid of old luber and choose the right wood for your deck.